Box yourself is one of the greatest creative kids activities there are today, where kids, while using recyclable materials, learn to create new and interesting forms and creatures. With the BoxYourself YouTube Channel kids can go online and see how a world of creativity can be created from simple things with simple steps. Kids are the future, lets keep them creative! 


Earthtree Media is all about Creativity for Kids. From live-action and animated tv-shows to books, apps and live-shows, you can find everything they produce right here!



I love the balance between sport and fashion. This combined with performance enhancing fabrics is what takes KJUS from great to fantastic for me.

I have been with KJUS for 4 years now and love the journey this brand is on. Every year they show improvement and every year they show an even greater understanding of how sports wear must preform in order for the athlete to preform. This brands innovative sides excites everyone that experiences it.   



RAW exists to raise the levels of performance amongst our customers; Athletes, businesses and private people. We deliver both physical, mental skills training and physical treatment.
Mental skills training is about training the psychological qualities that we know improve our performances, such as motivation, mental toughness, confidence and focus.
Using methodologically tested, psychologically proven tools tailored to yield improvement.



Callaway is the best equipment in the field! Callaway putts the joy of the game in your.

I have played with Callaway clubs for 13 years and I believe my loyalty to the brad says enough. I believe that there is no brand out there that can preform as good or feel as great as Callaway!   


Når du engasjerer oss, vet du at du har dedikerte samarbeidspartnere på laget. Vi ønsker at du skal lykkes!


Norway’s oldest and most beautiful golf course. Founded in 1924 is carries a great deal of history and charm that you will not find anywhere els in Norway. I feel privileged to be a member at such a great club with such amazing history. 


If you are interested in becoming a sponsors, please contact the mangement:

Tom Staff
Wasserman management
+971 (0) 558011743


Ingrid Martens
 +47 92800053

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